All forms of motorcycle stunts. *Road Racing ( High speed work), Knee-down riding *Stunt / Trick Riding – Wheelies (Slow speed, High Speed, Circles, Idle, One-Handers, Standing, Seat Standers), Stoppies, Burnouts, Donuts, Drifting, *Supermoto *Speedway *Motocross / Off-Road *Trials *Crashes – Laydowns, Highside and Lowside, T-bones, Ratchets and Snatch-offs.

Vehicle Work

*Precision driving, *Crashes, *Pipe Ramps, *Drifting, *Circuit Racing (ARDS National B race licence holder) *RYA Level 2 Powerboat licence.


*Muay Thai Instructor with over 25 years experience *1st Dan Black Belt Instructor in Freestyle Kickboxing with over 25 years experience *Kung Fu – Experienced competitor in Oriental Weapons – Bo Staff, Nunchaku (inc double), Sai, Kama, Chinese pole, Chinese Broadsword…. *Fencing (BFA Grade 6 Foil, Sabre and Epee) Former Competitive Fencer *Boxing.

General Stuntwork

*Falls *Wirework Jerks (manual and ratchets) Wraps, twists, somersaults, Zero-G sequences *Experienced performing in all types of stunt harnesses. *Abseiling.